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M.A.P. now offers a “BlackBox” Print and Inspect Serialization System to facilitate product track and trace through the supply chain.


This  system addresses the planned US Drug Supply Chain Security Act Serialization requirements to imprint unique product identifiers on individual packages.



The Patient Experience program is now offered by M.A.P. in alliance with The Macaluso Group.


This innovative, turnkey patient-physician feedback service delivers strong ROI by connecting patients to prescribers on brand satisfaction.

The M.A.P. Targeted Impact Program (T.I.P.) = effective communications that reinforce your sales messages, while strengthening your Sales force/Customer relationships!


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • FDA Registered
  • MasterCard Approved



M.A.P. Sales Training Material Logistics System answers all of your needs for custom kits and individual or bulk shipments of compliant materials

Sales Training Material Logistics



Must have a reliable system of inventory maintenance to optimize your support material availability, revision/replacement, compliance, reorders and elimination


Every item needs a visual confirmation prior to any action, to insure complete accuracy and usage


Kit management requires precise material knowledge and accessibility for various elements and quantities needed


Comprehensive data regarding each item must be current and reportable


Material storage & handling must be climate-controlled and secure


SOLUTION: M.A.P. Material Logistics Systems




M.A.P. simplifies the process of optimal material inventory maintenance to avoid shortages, answer immediate revision/replacement needs, insure compliance, facilitate automatic reorders and purge outdated materials – following your specifications


Visual images and full descriptions, as well as other pertinent data, are presented for every item in your inventory


The M.A.P. Material Logistics System is ideal for managing any complex, customized material requests, for an individual or a meeting site


Accurate, up to the minute reports are available to you 24/7


Any material storage or processing requirements you have are fully accommodated in our NJ facilities

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