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M.A.P. now offers a “BlackBox” Print and Inspect Serialization System to facilitate product track and trace through the supply chain.


This  system addresses the planned US Drug Supply Chain Security Act Serialization requirements to imprint unique product identifiers on individual packages.



The Patient Experience program is now offered by M.A.P. in alliance with The Macaluso Group.


This innovative, turnkey patient-physician feedback service delivers strong ROI by connecting patients to prescribers on brand satisfaction.

The M.A.P. Targeted Impact Program (T.I.P.) = effective communications that reinforce your sales messages, while strengthening your Sales force/Customer relationships!


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • FDA Registered
  • MasterCard Approved



M.A.P. Sales Training Material Logistics System answers all of your needs for custom kits and individual or bulk shipments of compliant materials

Direct Mail



Need a unique way to personally connect with target audiences and deliver your compliant product messages


Must send out a specialized piece that supports the Field Force efforts


Capability to produce personalized mail to promote interaction with recipient is integral for follow up action and fulfillments


Want to send invitations to special events that incorporate a response vehicle


Communication with unassigned areas and unseen practitioners needs to be accomplished


SOLUTION: M.A.P. Direct Mail Creation and Production Services




M.A.P. offers complete printing and production services to create and send your personalized or non-personalized message-compliant correspondence to your specific audiences, both large and small. M.A.P. serves as an extension facility of the USPS, using the PostalSoft program for discounted, presort postage rates


We have the personnel and facilities to match personalized components or handle dimensional piece preparation and mailing


Response cards can be included and returned to us for valuable database creation and requested fulfillments


Event invitations are created and sent out to support your Marketing efforts


Direct mail programs are used to successfully connect with and inform prospects, or those practitioners who are seldom seen

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